Africas Best Originals Kids Gro Strong


Fortified with NutriGro triple action organic growth complex. Aids in healthy new growth. Helps strengthen & protects hair from damage. Healthy growth for hair is achievable more than ever! Kids Organics Gro Strong is fortified with NutriGro, the exclusive triple action organic complex that helps stimulate healthy growth. Whether relaxed, pressed or natural. Gro Strong helps new growth to come in stronger, more pliable, softer, better moisturized and conditioned. Gro Strong???s herbs and natural botanicals penetrate deep into the hair shaft, encouraging damage-free growth and leaving hair with a beautiful shine. Unlike most hairdress conditioners. Gro Strong contains no mineral oil or petrolatum. Made in USA

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Damage free growth and leaving hair with a beautiful shine , Helps new growth hair, Leaves hair with a beautiful shine.

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