Blizz CS7 Hair Clipper Stainless Steel Blades Waterproof


Description: Blizz CS7 Hair Clipper Stainless Steel Blades Waterproof

Model: CS7
• Display: LED
• Current: 1A
• Rated Power: 5W
• Adapter: 100-240V
• Noise Level: ≤30db
• Battery Type: 2000mAh Li-ion
• Item Weight (pounds/kilogram): 7.9 oz


• From the barbershop to the bathroom, cordless hair clippers are a necessity for men who need to look sharp. Whether you like to trim your own hair or just need to keep it fresh between full haircuts, this cordless clipper will keep all your hair neat and tidy.

• Shower-Ready
Whether you shave in the shower or clean the clippers in the sink, the CS7 is whole body waterproof for up to 30-minutes of full submersion in water. It is definitely safe and cordless and convenient to use in any circumstance.

• Stainless Steel Blades
The combination stainless steel + ceramic blades are sharp enough to evenly trim hair but gentle enough to prevent irritation whatever your hair type is. The self-sharpening steel blades stay sharp longer and the blade is detachable and easy to maintain.

Package Includes

• 1× User Manual

• 1× Hair Clipper

• 1× Charging Base

• 1× Stainless Steel Blade

• 1× Blade Cleaning Brush

• 1× Lubricating Oil

– 4× Hair Guide Combs

• 1× Barber Cape

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Additional information

Weight 18.9 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 8.1 × 2.2 cm


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