Lux Lace Tint Spray


The secret all hairstylists use to make lace wigs look super natural like the wig is coming from the scalp is using a tint spray to match the lace to your complexion! You can now slay your wigs using our Lux Melt Lace Tint! Choose from three shades available and in as little as 2 pumps, you can alter your lace to match your complexion!

Tint washes out after shampooing and deep conditioning. Best to apply on dry, clean lace. For hairstylists, it is recommended to purchase all 3

shades and mix and match to suit all clients!

Comes with FREE interchangeable trigger spray handle.

This bottle is 3.4 oz 100ml

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Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 100 cm

Brown Sugar, Cafe au lait, Cafe noir


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