Lux Melt Lace Glue & Remover Set


This beautiful totally recyclable set comes with the following:

Lux Melt Lace Glue or Lux Melt Lace Glue strawberry scent x1 Lux Melt Glue Remover x1

Lux Glue Spatula x1

  1. The Lux Melt Lace Glue is amazing because you can build up its strength by applying more layers! We recommend using 1-2 layers for a medium hold (will last 2-4 days) or up to 3-4 layers for ultra hold (will last 1-2 weeks). Also with a  Strawberry

The Lux Melt Glue Remover works by removing glue build up on your lace wigs and to help remove lace wigs glued on your hairline.

Glue bottle is 1.34 oz 38ml

Remover bottle is 1.30 oz 30ml


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Weight .38 kg


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